About us

About us

Experts with a wide experience of the Hotel business

Accompany Group is a team of experts with a wide experience and a knowledge of the Hotel business as well of the other kind of firms in the Hospitality Industry in Italy, to name some resorts, campings, villas, bed & breakfasts, restaurants.
Accompany Group also has an extensive network of collaborations with private firms and companies in different fields as real estate, finance, architectural design, contract, legal, administration, accounting, security, web marketing, outsourcing.

Who are our customers ?

Owners and Managing Directors , managers of hotels, hotel chains, private and public companies
operating in the world of hospitality, investors, architects and design firms, law firms, banks, investment founds.

Our services

To provide innovative and successful tools to improve the business of the firm.
Customizing the best hotel management systems as well as for the other kind of ventures.
Estimate the value of the company or the business idea.
help the owners and managers to create synergies to achieve the best profit of their company.

How we do it

We analyze the state of health of existing business (Audit)
We create the final document of analysis that can be use as guideline to create new and more profitable management tools or to strengthen existing ones.
We support (tutoring) owners, managers, investors in the management of their existing business or in the creation of their projects.
The aim is to get the best Return Of Investment for their companies.